Driveri Release 4/12/2022

Here’s what’s new for Driveri!

What’s New


Reports Central: Introduction of Executive Summary Report and Driver Statistics Report
The following reports are introduced in Reports Central:

  • Executive Summary Report: This report displays a summarized view of the Fleet performance, Driver Performance Ranking, Alert Risk Profile, and Coaching recommendations.

    The Executive Summary Report is also available on the Fleet Performance page in the Dashboard.

  • Driver Statistics Report: This report displays a summarized view of the Driver Performance, Minutes Analyzed, Alert Risk Profile, and Green Minutes.
  • Users can subscribe to these reports to receive them through email.

Vehicle information on VLS Training Dashboard
Vehicle Number, Vehicle Group, and Date & Time (Image Captured) fields are introduced in the following sections of the VLS Training Dashboard:

  • New Faces tab
  • Driver pop-up window that appears when Select Driver Name/Not my Driver button is clicked
  • All Drivers tab

VIN displayed in All Alerts Report

  • The Vehicle VIN is displayed in the All Alerts Report.