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Release Notes 4/5/2023

This Product Release Notes announcement for Enterprise customers includes an update for the Hardware. GO9™ Inputs Now Available Switch inputs are now available for GO9™ devices. GO9™ devices support up to 4 inputs via an IOX-AUXM cable. Please see the input-related questions available in the GO9™ FAQ for additional information. If you would like to…

Hardware Update 11/28/2022

This Product Release Notes announcement includes notification of hardware updates. Firmware – PNP Devices An update to the PNP firmware is now available and being dispersed proactively to devices in the field. This update improves ignition detection, resolving some issues seen in the field where ignition detection appears inaccurate.

Hardware Update 10/27/2022

This Product Release Notes announcement includes notification of hardware updates. AT-3000 – New Temperature Sensor Configuration A new add-on configuration is now available for AT-3000 devices with temperature sensors attached, offering the option to alert users if/when the temperature sensor reaches 50°F or greater. Please coordinate with the Support team to update your devices.

Release Notes 9/27/2022

This Product Release Notes announcement for Standard and Enterprise customers includes notification of new hardware and updates for the Portal. Introducing the Geotab GO9™ Tracking Device The GO9 is an all-in-one plug & play device for light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles providing high-fidelity reporting with increased information that leads to more detailed and actionable insights. This…

Hardware Update 8/1/2022

This Release Notes announcement highlights new hardware updates. PNP-3200 Configuration Updates The following configuration updates are now live and available for use. PNP-3200: Corrected some issues seen with vehicle ignition detection Please coordinate with our Support team to have your devices updated.