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GPS Insight is excited to introduce custom White Labeling for Help Center content!

GPS Insight Help Center

Your White Labeled Help Center

  1. Custom Logos
    Your primary Partner Logo appears in the main menu header of every page.
  2. Custom Menus
    Menus present only the right information your customers’ needs.
  3. Product Name
    Our single-sourced documentation system will dynamically replace any reference to “GPS Insight” with your product’s name.
  4. Custom Content
    Only content that is applicable to your White Labeled product will be presented to your customers.*

*Video content (installation videos and documentation videos) remains branded as “GPS Insight.”

How to Get Started

First, you need to identify the web address that will be used to deliver your product’s custom white labeled Help Center content.

If your domain name is used only for a White Labeled GPS Insight product
In the event your Top Level Domain is used exclusively for your White Labeled GPS Insight product, we strongly recommend you provide us with a “” sub-domain. In that case, your product might be hosted at “” and therefore the Help Center content would be at “”.

If your domain name is NOT used only for a White Labeled GPS Insight product
In certain cases, the recommendation above might not be reasonable. If the Top Level Domain you are using for hosting the portal access for GPS Insight is used for more than just your White Labeled Product, then “” would lead people to think they’d be getting help for your main product/offering, not just the GPS portal. In this case, we strongly recommend you assign “” as the web address for your product’s white labeled Help Center content.

What We Need from You

Once you have identified the subdomain you would like to host your Help Center content, simply create an CNAME record on your domain’s DNS control panel to point your selected subdomain name to

GPS Insight will cover this address with a SSL certificate to ensure HTTPS-only traffic for your White Labeled Help Center content.