My GPSI-3900 vPOD Stopped Tracking

Confirm that the vehicle is parked out in the open and is with cellular coverage. From the Manage Vehicles page, ping the unit using the refresh icon  next to the vehicle’s last ‘Reported’ date/time, or contact Tech Support with the unit’s serial number for the initial unit assessment. Ignition Detection Issue This issue may occur if the unit responded to the ping with the correct GPS location. Verify the POD’s white wire is connected directly to the harnesses white wire and nothing else. When the ignition is turned On (vehicle running) check for the red light on the vPOD; it should come on within one minute. If On and the unit is still not reporting ignition On in the application, verify the inline fuse on the white wire is not blown. If the inline fuse is not blown, please contact Support. If the vPOD light does not come On, check…
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