Release Notes 7/30/2020

This Product Release Notes announcement for GPS Insight Standard, Pro and Enterprise customers includes updates for Portal, Map, ELD, and bug fixes.

Map & Portal

Trip History
  • Violations: You can now view violations in the Trip History Map. Violations are indicated as a red data point with a violation icon. You can also view violations on the Scrubber in Trip History.

    *This feature is not supported on all devices and may require device updates. Contact Support for any questions.

New Portal
  • Classic Dashboard Viewer: You can now view the Classic Dashboard in the New Portal. You can view all of your vehicle data within the new dashboard viewer! In order to make changes, you will need use the classic dashboard to customize or edit data.
  • Home Page: The Home Page has been updated with new data cards.
  • Fuel Usage Summary Report: “Fuel Type” has been added to the Fuel Usage Summary Report

DriverStar – Creating Space for a Vehicle on Shoulder:

The DriverStar will be given when a driver creates space by changing lanes for a vehicle that is parked on the shoulder of a road. It recognizes the driver’s awareness shown by the identification of the parked vehicle. It also rewards the driver’s actions of creating a safety buffer to prevent an accident, complying with the law in some instances, and making it a little more comfortable for anyone on the side of the road.

DriverStars are intended to identify and recognize the positive, safe behaviors of drivers. We believe these actions are noteworthy and are an encouragement for drivers to continue to drive safely. To this end, we will continue to develop more DriverStars that reflect the safe driving behaviors of your drivers!


ELD Flex & Focus

ELD Focus

  • Cycle Duty Summary screen is now available from the Options button.
  • Drivers can now ‘undo’ claiming an Unidentified Driver event.
  • An automatic prompt will now appear to change to Yard Move status when a vehicle stops inside a ‘Yard’ defined by a geofence in the ELD Focus portal.
  • The app now changes from an ‘automatic’ Driving event to a ‘manual’ Driving event when a vehicle’s engine shuts down.
  • ELD Focus now retains trailer assignment in certain situations.*

ELD Flex

  • ELD Flex now auto-launches on tablet bootup.*
  • Flex Portal/Server Patch Update.

ELD Android App

  • Renamed the exception name “No Logs” to “No logs for drivers operating within 160km of home terminal – Section 81” on Edit Logs screen, Roadside Inspection screen and Certified Driver’s Daily Log PDF
  • Fixed an issue where unnecessary Cycle Changes are occurring.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lock screen always displays “00:00” when Driving even if there’s still remaining time.


  • Renamed the exception name “No Logs” to “No logs for drivers operating within 160km of home terminal – Section 81” on Edit Logs screen, Roadside Inspection screen and Certified Driver’s Daily Log PDF.
  • DVIR PDF – Removed Start Time and Date from the DVIR and displaying the End Time and Date as “Certified.”
  • Data Transfer>ELD CSV Output File – Hiding of the following Remarks when ‘Show All’ checkbox is unchecked:
    • Cleared Diagnostic/Malfunction
    • Authenticate/Unauthenticate
    • DVIR Not Performed/ DVIR Completed
    • Certified Log
    • VBUS Connect/Disconnect
    • Start of Day Odometer
    • Start/End Toll Road
    • Off Road/On Road

ELD Flex & Focus Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a DVIR item marked as NA is being counted as Failed.
  • Fixed the issue where the Odometer Offset is not being applied on the Odometer display in the Driver’s portal.
  • Logs page:
    • Fixed the issue where the continuous driving does not get the end Odometer of the “Start of Day Odometer” event on the next day.
    • Fixed the issue where an error has occurred upon adding a Remark.
  • French Translation Issue:
    • Fixed the issue where the Violations menu is not translated to “Infractions”.
  • HOS Reports Page – Special Moves Report:
    • Fixed the issue where the Yard Moves data is being displayed when filtered by Personal Use.
  • Server – New Features:
    • Addition of aobrdSpeedThresholdEnabled and driverEditingEnabled fields on drivers API GET request.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes & Enhancements
  • Bugs were fixed for the Portal and Map.
  • UX enhancements were deployed.