Release Notes 7/16/2020

This Product Release Notes announcement for GPS Insight Pro and Enterprise customers includes updates for Portal, Map, ELD, and bug fixes.

Map & Portal

  • Map Filters: You can now filter vehicles by Camera in the Filter Drop-down menu.
  • Camera Events: Camera Events are now available in the Driver Card.
Trip History & Location Playback
  • Date & Time Modal: In Location Playback mode, a modal will appear for you to select the date and time you would like to view trip history in your fleet. The time modal is set at a 3 hour maximum to pull trip data.
  • Trip History Time Box: A time box has been added to the Trip History window to allow you to drill-down in time to see your trips.
Vehicle Card
  • Device Serial Number: You can now view the Device Serial Number on vehicle cards. This will help you identify the device associated with each vehicle in your fleet.


ELD Flex and Focus

Key Feature Updates

  • Cycle Duty Summary screen is now available from the Options button
  • Drivers can now ‘undo’ claiming an Unidentified Driver event
  • An automatic prompt will now appear to change to Yard Move status when a vehicle stops inside a ‘Yard’ defined by a geofence in the ELD Focus portal
  • The app now changes from an ‘automatic’ Driving event to a ‘manual’ Driving event when a vehicle’s engine shuts down – this allows a driver to edit the driving event that may be incorrectly recorded after an engine shutdown occurs, in case of situations where the driving status does not end properly after a vehicle’s ignition shuts off

Key Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue for an incorrect availability calculation on the mobile app for drivers using the Split Sleeper Berth option for US Property-Carrying rules
  • Fixed issue for corner cases causing logs to become uncertified when they shouldn’t
  • Improved performance in regards to the handling of provisioning failures
  • Fixed issue where a DVIR item marked as NA is being counted as Failed
  • Fixed issue where adding a driver and equipment in an account with Logbookproduct only displays a note stating it might increase monthly charges

Other Updates Available
In addition to the above, we now have a fix for users experiencing Vehicle ID issues. It should be noted this fix is a separate update than the main application, however it’s recommended that any MDT receiving updates should receive both updates at the same time – kill two birds with one stone.

Device Updates
If you’d like to have these updates applied to your tablets then please feel free to contact our HOS team ( for further help.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes & Enhancements
  • Bugs were fixed for the Portal and Map.
  • UX enhancements were deployed.