Release Notes 5/26/2020

This Product Release Notes announcement for GPS Insight Pro and Enterprise customers includes updates for Portal, Driveri and bug fixes.


Portal Updates

Location Playback: You can now view vehicle/asset history for a specific location with Location Playback.

Multi-Vehicle Trip History: Customize views of vehicle/asset history by adding what you want to see in the timeline of Multi-Vehicle Trip History.

Closest To (Nearby): You can now view/filter nearby assets and landmarks within a specified radius.

For more information, see: Using Map Controls and Map View

  • The Camera Obstruction Alert is now available in the Driveri portal.
  • Need information on video upload limits within the Driveri portal? See How Many Videos Can I Upload?
  • New installer app released (highlights include: Wi-Fi connections issues addressed, invalid VINs now identified, and more)

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes & Enhancements
  • Bugs were fixed for the Portal and Map.
  • UX enhancements were deployed.