Release Notes 2/27/2020

This Product Release Notes announcement for GPS Insight Standard, Pro and Enterprise customers includes updates for Hardware, Portal, Map, and Bug Fixes.


GPSI-5000 Replacing GPSI-3900 for all Diagnostic Deployments

Moving forward, the GPSI-5000 will now replace the GPSI-3900 for most new light-duty diagnostic deployments. The GPSI-5000 offers an array of benefits, both current and future-centric, including (but not limited to):

  • One device for light-duty, heavy-duty, or hardwired installations (if applicable).
  • Simple light-duty to heavy-duty vehicle migration (and vice-versa), with only one diagnostic cable needed.
  • Single script requirements, which simplifies and quickens the turnaround for future updates.

For more information on the GPSI-5000, visit the device page: GPSI-5000


Unassign Drivers Nightly – Classic

For Pro accounts using Driver Assignment, the Unassign Drivers Nightly feature will automatically log out all drivers at the end of the workday. There is already an option in dashboard preferences to log out your drivers, but this new feature will take care of it for you at the end of the day.

This feature can be used in conjunction with a company policy that requires drivers to log in to their vehicles once a day before they start driving.

The Unassign Drivers Nightly feature will be applied account-wide, and cannot be limited to groups of vehicles. As such, it will be available only to the Administrator (or master user) on the account.

DHL Mexico Webhook – Classic

A webhook for DHL Mexico has been created, allowing customers working with DHL to send the data they need with a one-click install from the bottom of the Manage Webhooks page. This will immediately satisfy customers working with DHL Mexico.


Create Landmarks – New

The Create Landmark button is is now available on the map controls card to make it easier for users to access.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes & Enhancements
  • Bugs were fixed for the Portal, Mobile Apps and ELD Connect
  • Landmarks Bug: Fixed a bug where landmarks that were created in Classic were not showing on the new portal
  • UX enhancements were deployed.