Release Notes – 08/29/2019

This Product Release Notes announcement for GPS Insight Standard, Pro and Enterprise customers includes updates for New Map/Home Page, Reports and Bug Fixes.

Map/Home Page

New Map and Home Page – Main Menu Title Added

“Main” has been added as a menu title for the Home Page and Map to the Navigation bar on the Home page and new Map pages.


New Map – Search by Address and Point of Interest (POI) Now Available

The ability to search by address and/or POI in the Search Field is now available. After you have entered an address or POI into the Search Field, an Address Card is created. From the Address Card, you can copy the address location and/or open the address location in Google Maps in a separate browser, create a landmark, view the Street View of the address location, and see a list of nearby assets to the entered address location.

See Using the Address Card for additional information.


Alert History Report – Driver Filter Added

You can now filter the Alert History report by driver/driver group.


New State Mileage Report – Now Available

A new State Mileage Report is now available. We have added the following to this report:

  • Country (if your fleet has active vehicles in more than one country)
  • Gas Price/Gallon ($) Option
  • Tool tips (Data origin indication)
  • Updated, improved column headers

Prefer the old State Mileage Report? No worries! The old State Mileage Report is still available for you to use.

See Available Reports for additional information.

Bug Fixes (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)

Bug Fixes & Enhancements
  • Bugs were fixed for the Portal and Mobile Apps
  • UX enhancements were deployed.