Product Features and Updates – 9/19/2016

This Product Features and Updates announcement for GPS Insight Pro/Enterprise includes updates for Dashboard/Maps, Reports, Alerts, Administration Functions, and Mobile.

Dashboard/Map Updates

Map Dashboard – Search for Drivers

The Map Dashboard returns drivers in the search results if the driver is assigned to a vehicle.

3D History Map – Snap to Road Option

The 3D History Map now includes a Snap paths to roads option prior to generating the KMZ export for Google Earth.

The snap to roads option allows you to alter the representation of the trails (below, right). Vehicle locations are typically provided every two minutes. Although we do not know the exact route the vehicle took between the time gap, the snap to roads option can generate a reasonable representation of the actual path using highly sophisticated mathematical formulas. You can optionally turn off this feature, which will instead connect sequential locations with a straight line (below, left).

Report Updates

Alert History Report – New Driver Column

The Alert History Report now includes a column for Driver. This column shows historical driver assignment at the time of the violation.


The “Driver Alerted” column indicates the email address and/or SMS number if the alert was set up to notify the driver.

Report Defaults – New Full Hierarchy Path Options

A new Full Hierarchy Path option exists within the Report Defaults area of User Preferences (01-0077). For any reports that show Hierarchy Node column, indicate whether or not to show the full hierarchy path in the web version of the report (Web) and/or the CSV export (Exports). Full hierarchy paths are represented by Tree Name->Node1->Node2.

Example of Web version without full hierarchy path (left) and with full hierarchy path (right):

Alert Updates

All Landmarks – Improved Image for Include Landmark Option

For any alerts that have a Landmark option set, the corresponding landmark shape will be included on the image of the violation that is attached to the alert in the email body.

Administrative Updates

Metrics Report – UI Improvements

Various improvements to report labels in Metric Reports were made for better readability (i.e., Group totals in Summary Area, Column Headers, etc.)

Mobile Updates

GPS Insight Manager v1.1 iOS App Now Available

The improved iOS version of the GPS Insight Manager app v1.1 is now available in the Apple App store (soft launch). This new version more closely matches the UI of the map dashboard. You can continue using the former iOS version until further notice.