Product Features and Updates – 8/8/2016

This Product Features and Updates announcement for GPS Insight Pro/Enterprise includes updates for Dashboards, Reports, and Administration Functions.

Dashboard Updates

Map Dashboard – Configurable Cluster Size

Use the new Plus / Minus options on the Clusters toolbar item to adjust the aggressiveness (sizing of the clusters).

USPS Route Dashlet – New Download Option

Use the Download option in the USPS Route dashlet to download the USPS route data to CSV format.

Utilization Rollup Dashlet – New Color Editor

Create and save custom color scales using the Color Editor that you can apply to metrics, attributes, or trip summary identifiers.

Report Updates

Landmark Group Report – New Option for Overlapping Trips

The report now allows you to choose whether or not to include or exclude overlapping trips.

Administrative Updates

SMS Messaging – New View Option

A new option on the SMS Messaging page allows you to choose how messages are displayed on this page: Conversation (threaded) or List.



HOS – New Integration Configuration Options

Some administrative tasks that you can perform within the ISE application for HOS setup are now available from the GPS Insight HOS Integration Configuration page. This integration allows you to manage parts of the HOS setup process from within one place (e.g., adding ISE drivers and associating them to GPS driver profiles).