Product Features and Updates – 8/22/2016

This Product Features and Updates announcement for GPS Insight Pro/Enterprise includes updates for Dashboards/Maps, Administration Functions, and Mobile.

Dashboard/Map Updates

Map Dashboard – New Naming Convention and Landmark Display Updates

The Map Dashboard is now referred to as “Map.” You can still find it in the Dashboard drop-down.

Additionally, the landmark labels better support multiple and overlapping landmark boundaries. When zoomed into the map, landmark labels now recenter and float around the perimeter as you move your point of view on the map.

Administrative Updates

HOS – New Integration Configuration Options

The HOS Integration Configuration page continues to provide improved integration functionality between the ISE application and the GPS portal for Hours of Service customers.

Driver integration now allows you to choose Home Terminal, Web Login Role, and Terminal Access, which are populated from within the ISE application.

Additionally, you can now view a list of ISE assets (vehicles and trailers) that have or have not been associated with a GPS portal vehicle (vehicle or asset).

An association occurs when an ISE asset (Asset ID) has a matching GPS vehicle (label):

To fix a broken association (img_57c0af9a3161f), edit the Vehicle name/label as it appears in the GPS portal to match the Asset ID as it appears in the ISE application.

Mobile Updates

Adroid Update – Version 1.9.4 is Available

The Android version of the GPS Insight mobile app is available for download from the Google Play Store. Important changes include:

  • Continuing performance improvements
  • Fixed issue where Groups/Hierarchies would sometimes appear blank for some users
  • Updated marshmallow permission prompts
  • Landmarks functionality improved significantly