Product Features and Updates – 7/25/2016

This Product Features and Updates announcement for GPS Insight Pro/Enterprise includes updates for Dashboards, Alerts, Administration Functions, the API, and Mobile.

Dashboard Updates

Map Dashboard – New Scale Default and New Toolbar Button

The map scale uses miles as the default unit of measure.

Click the Expand button in the Map Dashboard toolbar to hide the Menu/List and extend the map to full screen.

If the Toggle Fixed Menu option is in fixed mode (), the Map Dashboard toolbar and Dashboard drop-down are not visible. Toggle the fixed menu option (to see them again) .

Vehicle Selector Dashlet – New Sort Options

Click the headers in the Vehicle Selector dashlet to sort the data in ascending/descending order.

Closest To Vehicle – New Driver Label Option

In the settings for the Closest To dashlet, you can set the Vehicle Label to Driver. If a driver is assigned to a vehicle, the driver’s name appears in the Vehicle column instead of the vehicle name. If no driver is associated, the vehicle name persists.

Group Graphs and Vehicle Graphs Dashlets – Vehicle Label Override Fix

The Group Graphs and Vehicle Graphs dashlets were updated to support the vehicle label override setting. Refer to this update for more details.

Alert Updates

Posted Speed and Speeding Alerts – Updated Speed Limit Threshold Default

The Violation Limit set in the Posted Speed or Speeding alert now defaults to greater than OR equal to (>=) instead of greater than (>). This minor adjustment is more inclusive and improved; however, if you want your alerts to remain unchanged, adjust your alert threshold by an additional 1 MPH.

Administrative Updates

Service Reminder – New “Days” Interval

A new interval based on days is now available when specifying the next service for a new service reminder.

Metrics Scorecard Configuration Tool – Save Filter Settings

Any filters that you apply to the data set are now saved to the scorecard after you click Save Edits.

Metrics Manager – Revised Terminology

The term “translation” has been changed to “scoring tool.” A scoring tool allows you to produce a score based on a metric.

API Updates

serviceHistory – New Endpoint for vehicleGroup and hierarchyNode

A serviceHistory endpoint is now available for the vehicleGroup and hierarchyNode classes. This endpoint returns the Service History report information for a selected vehicle group or hierarchy node. Example response:

Mobile Updates

GPS Insight Mobile App – Version 1.9.2 Released

Version 1.9.2 of the GPS Insight mobile app for Android is available for download from Google Play.