Product Features and Updates – 7/11/2016

This Product Features and Updates announcement for GPS Insight Standard includes updates for More Options and Reports.

More Options

New Configuration Options for PNP

Some PNP devices include an optional buzzer feature. When enabled the device uses recommended thresholds that alert drivers for rapid acceleration, harsh braking, hard right and left turning events, and idling (5 minutes).

You can reset the thresholds that were set at the time of shipment/installation using the PNP Threshold Configuration management page.

You can apply your preferred defaults to all applicable devices, or you can configure device settings individually.

Because these are device-level hardware settings, changing device configuration requires the device to restart; therefore, adjust these settings infrequently and during off hours as much as possible.


The default options on the right do NOT show what your devices were or are currently programmed with. This area allows you to set NEW default preferences for your account. You can set the thresholds for more than one device at a time using your preferred defaults, but there there is no batch process for uploading the settings to each device. See the documentation for detailed steps on the configuration process.

Report Updates

Activity Detail Report – New Columns for In-Cab Alerts

The Activity Detail Report now shows historical instances of in-cab alert notifications, including the time the alert occurred and the cause of the alert.