Product Features and Updates – 6/13/2016

This Product Features and Updates announcement for GPS Insight Pro/Enterprise includes updates for Dashboards, Maps, and Administration functions.

Dashboard Updates

Diagnostic Alert Dashlet – New Options

In addition to diagnostic alerts, this dashlet also shows Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs).

Click on one of the codes to run the related report to get the DTC description:


Map Updates

Map Dashboard – Input Sensor Visualization Enhancement

The trail for a vehicle displays with a thicker line when any input, such as PTO, on the vehicle is engaged while the vehicle is moving.

Customer Sites – In the News!

Carl Reese uses our customer sites feature to allow viewers to follow Deena’s motorcycle journey June 1st – July 27th, 2016 as she attempts to break world records. This map includes 30 day trails (with snap to roads).

Administrative Updates

Hours of Service – New Configuration Options

The HOS Integration Configuration page is available from the More menu.

This page allows you to access the eFleetSuite portal and set new preferences for how drivers are auto-assigned/auto-unassigned to a vehicle, which is represented on a DVIR within the Mobile Data Tablet (MDT).


Vehicle Management – Register New Asset

On the Vehicle Management page, you now have the option to use a simplified form when registering a new device as an asset.

The simplified form contains fields that apply only to assets:

Metrics Reports – New Options

When using Metrics Reports, you can now choose to add one or more attributes to be included in the report export. Note that any attributes added to the report represent current attribute assignments (not historical). From the Report Options, click the Edit Settings (gear) icon to select the attributes you want to include, and then click Run Report.

Click the Export option to view the data in Excel.

The attributes appear as additional column(s):

Diagnostic Odometer – Initial Waypoint Autoset

Diagnostic odometer options are ONLY visible to Support representatives. When using the Trip Odometer option, the initial waypoint is now automatically set.