Product Features and Updates – 5/30/2016

This Product Features and Updates announcement for GPS Insight Pro/Enterprise includes updates for Dashboards, Reports, Alerts, and Administration functions.

Dashboard Updates

Utilization Rollup Dashlet – New Options

The selected date range for the data appears below the dashlet title:

Report Updates

Vehicles List Report – New Driver Column

A Driver column is available on the Vehicles List report (Account menu > Vehicles List).

Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report – New

View Driver-Vehicle Inspection Reports that have been submitted. (Requires Hours of Service enabled on your account.) This report appears under the More menu of the portal if it is configured for your account.

The DVIR shows the DVIRs that have been submitted. Information includes the DVIR ID, Vehicle/Asset, Safety Status, Report Notes, Date Created, Repair Certified, Approved, Defects, and Priority, as pulled from your Hours of Service solution via eFleetSuite.


Alert Updates

Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report Alert – New

Alert when a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report is received with defects. (Requires Hours of Service enabled on your account.)

The alert includes the driver, the DVIR, the date, and the defect:

Webhook-Based Alerts Updated – Posted Speed and Temperature

Posted Speed and Temperature alerts are now webhook-based. Note that the minimum posted speed alert threshold is 10 MPH. If you want to configure a lower default than 10 MPH, you must contact Support.

Administrative Updates

User Management – New Options After Adding a User

After adding a user, the option to edit the user’s vehicle group access and/or hierarchy access appears.

Vehicle Management – VIN Auto-population from Serial Number

When adding a new vehicle, after you select the device serial number, the VIN may automatically populate.

SMS Messaging – Updated Interface

The SMS Messaging page is now consistent with the recent updates to the SMS Messaging dashlet. Messages are grouped by conversation thread.

Click a thread to view all messages in the conversation:

Integration – New ServiceMax Integration

ServiceMax integration is available. Requires a Salesforce login for authorization.

Metrics Reports – New Feature Availability

You can use the Metrics Reports tool to view summary, detail, and trend data about an existing metric using various charts and tables.