Product Features and Updates – 5/15/2017

This Product Features and Updates announcement for GPS Insight Pro/Enterprise includes updates for Administrative Features and Reports.

Administrative Features

Vehicle Selector Dashlet

You can now filter the Vehicle Selector dashlet by any column in the dashlet (e.g., Label, Device, Color, etc.,).

Vehicles displayed in the Map dashlet will reflect filtering in the Vehicle Selector dashlet (i.e., If you filter the Vehicle Selector dashlet by Blue for vehicle color, only vehicles that have a Blue vehicle color attribute assigned to them will appear in the Map dashlet).


Edit Vehicle Details Page – ELD Attribute

The option to assign an ELD attribute is now available on the Edit Vehicle Details page.

Assigning an ELD attribute to a vehicle will enable Hours of Service Integration features on your account.


Fleet Utilization Report – Metrics Added

You can now add custom metrics columns when running the Fleet Utilization Report.