Product Features and Updates – 12/31/2015

This Product Features and Updates announcement for GPS Insight Pro/Enterprise includes additions to the dashboard, reports, alerts, and administrative functions.

Dashboard Updates

Dashlets – Updated User Interface

Dashlet Title Bars are a little bigger, and the text is dark gray. The Pencil Icon now pops the Edit Menu OVER the associated dashlet and includes 3D border shading. The Menu Pane no longer pushes the dashlet down; it appears over the dashlet.

Gradient colors are also now solid for a cleaner, more modern look. Dashlet Icons  have been updated to bring uniformity to all platforms:


Dashlets – New Map Dashboard

An entirely new dashboard is available: Map Dashboard. (It has the same look and feel of the Standard interface product.)

To return and/or navigate to other dashboards, expand and select from the drop-down menu:

Route Dashlet – New Options

Within the Route dashlet, the stop location maximum has been raised from 30 to 60. Additionally, you can start/end/add your (computer’s) current location. You must allow your computer’s location to be known via a browser pop-up.

Additionally, Vehicle Information and Dropped Pin pop-ups will now interact with the Route dashlet, creating and adding points as desired. These options will not display unless the Route dashlet is open on the dashboard.

Report Updates

Performance Report – Updated Icon

The Performance Report has a new information icon that will display how many times an asset has reported in the last 7 days. This icon enables you to ensure assets (that report infrequently) are reporting at the correct interval w/out having to run individual ADRs.

Report Locations – Improved Reverse Geo-Coding

Lat/Long points that used to produce “Address not found” messages will now pass through three look-up databases: Navteq, Tom-Tom, and lastly Google. Google will, at a minimum, produce an approximate address.

Stop Detail and Idle Time Report – New Option

If the “Show Timezone Options” box is checked on the User Preferences page, Timezone will now be an option on the Stop Detail and Idle Time report.

This option has been available on many other reports for some time.

Alert Updates

Alerts – Updated UI

Alerts are now in alphabetical order. Simple but handy!

Alerts – Updated Processing

New methods of processing normal alert data now allows alerts to be more “real-time.” These alert conditions will not interrupt (i.e. 2-min) programmed update interval schedules. GPS Insight server design and updated algorithms will, however, now send the alerts almost instantaneously. Device level alerts (Voltage, DTC, etc.) are still sent as conditions are met.

New Alerts – Acel, Decel, and Hours of Service

Administrative Updates

New Login Page

GPS Insight has a New Login Page. The page features many direct links to other areas of the website, such as blog articles, referral program, Support contact info, password reset, etc.

Manage Users and Groups – New Options

The Manage Users and Groups page includes a Show Deleted option in the filter list.

If Hierarchy column is available (Enterprise customers), it displays previously associated nodes. Users can be “un-deleted” from the Edit User Details window () pencil icon for the associated user and selecting the UN-DELETE check box.

Garmin Integration – New Administrative Option

Customers who are Garmin “power-users” now have the ability to access the de-bugging page directly. This feature is permission-based; request from Support if needed.

Attributes – Sortable

Attributes, as they apply to a hierarchy, can now be sorted by hierarchical view or in alphabetical order.

Webhooks – New Options

There are two new turnkey API Webhook Integrations: Fleet Mgmt Software, Fleetio Odometer and Fleetio DTC. An API Key and Account ID are required. Some unknown DTC codes will have descriptions only. For example: FMI:31,OC:127,SPN:524287 FMI=Failure Mode Identifier / OC=Occurrence Count / SPN=Suspect Parameter Number.