Product Features and Updates – 12/27/2016

This Product Features and Updates announcement for GPS Insight Pro/Enterprise includes updates for Dashboards, Reports, Administration Functions.

Dashboard Updates

Map Dashboard – Search Support for Lat/Lon

The Map Dashboard search functionality now includes results based on an entered latitude and/or longitude coordinate(s). If entering both values, separate them by a comma. Clicking an item from the Search Results drops a pin in that location.

Map Dashboard – New History Activity Option

In addition to viewing historical vehicle activity by trips, you can now view raw activity not organized by trip. Click a history event or zoom into the map to view the history trail with directional indicators.

Help – Contact Us

A new Contact Us link is available from the Help (?) menu, which directs you to the Help Center page that lists your Account Manager and our Support contact/hours.

Report Updates

Duration Format Preference for Spreadsheet Exports

Starting January 1, 2017, all spreadsheet exports (e.g., scheduled reports, exported reports) will use a common duration format for stop time, idle time, and so on. If you are importing report spreadsheets with Excel or macros, you will see changes to column headings and duration formatting that will affect your import processes.

Prior to this standardization effort, spreadsheet exports used varied duration formats for different report types. Using a consistent format for all exports ensures a more accurate way to compare data between multiple reports.

Using the User Preferences icon, you can choose the format that you want to use:

If you do not set a preference, the default setting is Minutes, 0 Digits.

Duration format shown in the HTML version of applicable reports remain unchanged. For example, the Fleet Idle Summary report shows Run Time, Idle Time, Longest Idle Stop, and Average Idle Stop in minutes and hours in the HTML version:

When that report is exported or scheduled, however, those values are formatted according to the Duration Format set in user preferences (e.g., using minutes only).

Learn more about the columns and reports affected.

Administration Updates

Metrics – New Sum Scorecard Metric Type

A new Sum Scorecard metric is available, which is a special type of metric (a metric made of other “Count” metrics). It is intended as an alternative scorecard for weighted averages. It applies only to the following metric types: Count Vehicle Stops, Count Vehicle Idle Stops, Count Vehicle Landmark Visits, Count Driver Assignments, Count Speeding Events, Count Alerts Triggered, Count Acceleration Events, Count Deceleration Events, and Count Drivers.

Just like other metric types, you can backfill and add this metric type to reports.