Product Features and Updates – 12/12/2016

This Product Features and Updates announcement for GPS Insight Pro/Enterprise includes updates for Reports and Alerts.

Report Updates

Metrics Reports – New Schedule Option

You can now schedule a Metrics Report from the Metrics Reports page or from the Scheduled Reports page. (Enterprise accounts only.)

Scheduling options specific to metrics include:

Option Description
Metric The metric or scorecard used for the report.
Components View the metrics report from the perspective of a scorecard (if available). Instead of the Rank Detail with a single score, the scorecard is shown with columns for each metric that makes up the scorecard.
Distance Include distance in the data.
Rank Rank the data in ascending order of score.
Aggregate Group data based on average or sum.

The report includes an Overview Area, the Score Trend Chart and Rank Detail. HTML and CSV formats are sent with the email body.

HOS Integration Configuration – New Pre/Post-Trip Inspection Report

A new report is available for HOS Pre/Post Trip Inspection. This report appears under the More menu of the GPS portal if it is configured for your account.

This report shows start time, finish time (inspection complete), total inspection time, notes, and average inspection time per driver. The data for this report is pulled directly from your Hours of Service solution via the eFleetSuite portal.


Alerts – Webhook-Based Switch Alert

The Switch alert is now webhook-based. Additional options for this alert include the ability to add a landmark parameter and hierarchy address options (if configured).

HOS Integration Configuration – New HOS Driver Alert

A new HOS Driver Assigment alert is available. If configured, the alert is triggered when vehicle moves without HOS driver assigned.