Product Features and Updates – 11/28/2016

This Product Features and Updates announcement for GPS Insight Pro/Enterprise includes updates for Administration Functions.

Administration Functions

User Preferences – Auto-Unassign Drivers

The Auto-Unassign Driver setting in User Preferences automatically removes a driver assignment from a vehicle as soon as the vehicle’s ignition turns off. Selecting this check box applies to all driver assignments for the account and overrides any manual assignment preferences that might have been previously set. This option is highly encouraged ONLY for accounts that use keyfobs for driver assignment.

HOS Integration Configuration – Add HOS Driver ID/Association

The Add HOS Driver ID/Association window includes a new Portal Driver option for associating an existing GPS portal driver to the eFleetSuite driver profile. GPS portal drivers that appear dimmed have already been associated to another profile.

The HOS Integration Configuration page is available only for accounts that are enabled for Hours of Service.

HOS Integration – HOS Hours and Miles Report

A new report is available for HOS Hours and Miles. This report appears under the More menu of the GPS portal if it is configured for your account.

This report show hours and miles for each HOS driver and pulls data directly from your Hours of Service solution via the eFleetSuite portal.