Product Features and Updates – 10/31/2015

This Product Features and Updates announcement for GPS Insight Pro/Enterprise includes additions to the dashboard, maps, reports, alerts, and administrative functions.

Dashboard Updates

Vehicle Selector Dashlet – New Options

A new “Show Attributes” option allows you to display attributes as additional columns on the dashlet. You must create and define the attributes ahead of time.

The Vehicle Selector also shows the instantaneous speed of 0 (zero) mph as well as the max speed reached during the reporting interval. This situation would occur if a vehicle stops, the ignition is still on (green icon), but the idling threshold has not been reached (i.e., the icon has yet to turn blue).

Map Updates

Vehicle Card – New Item

For vehicles/assets that are utilizing Temperature Sensors, the last reported temperature displays as an additional line item in the vehicle card.

Report Updates

Scheduled Reports – New Hierarchy Override Option

If Hierarchy is selected on a Scheduled Report with an automatic distribution list, you can now choose Email List from the drop-down menu to display the normal Address box in order to enter specific recipients.

Hierarchies are available for Enterprise customers.

Schedule Reports – New Weekend Option

Scheduled Odd Hours Reports now have the Treat as Weekend option:

Edit the report’s schedule to define the weekend span:

Alert Updates

New Alert – Temperature

A new Temperature Alert is available that triggers when the temperature reported with each update exceeds or falls short of the set threshold. This alert is on a per account basis, and customers can specify thresholds.

Unlike the Temperature Option on the Switch Alert, this is a software based alert. It will NOT trigger if the device is not reporting (i.e., stopped/ignition off, etc.) 3900 devices cannot support Temp Sensing AND Driver ID simultaneously. Only 4000s.

Administrative Functions

Spreadsheet Update/Export – New Options

The Spreadsheet Update/Export page now allows for Mass Delete of Drivers and Users.

  • For Drivers, enter delete in the Reference ID Update column.
  • For Users, enter delete in the Last Name column.

Webhooks – New Options

The growing library of “turn-key” API Integrations has begun. GPS Insight already works with a host of vendors, but this is the official tested list.


User Management – New Filter Option

You can now filter Users by Hierarchy node. Results will show that node and child nodes underneath. Hierarchies are available for Enterprise customers.