Product Features and Updates – 10/17/2016

This Product Features and Updates announcement for GPS Insight Pro/Enterprise includes updates for Dashboards/Maps and Administration Functions.


Map Dashboard – Search for Google Places

The Map Dashboard search results can now include Google Places (if selected), which includes place information on a variety of categories, such as: establishments, prominent points of interest, geographic locations, and more. If you choose to use Places in your search, the selection will persist between sessions for future searches until you change it.

Search Result Example without Places:                                         Search Result Example with Places:

Administration Functions

User Administration – Password Reset Indicators

Within the User List of the User Management page, one of the following indicators may now exist on a username:

  • – The user requested a password reset via the Forgot Password link on the login page and is awaiting a confirmation code via email or SMS. (If the reset instructions aren’t followed within a week, this status automatically expires.)
  • – An administrator requested a forced password reset via the Edit User Details window. Reset instructions are automatically sent to the user’s email address.

The status is removed if the user follows the reset instructions, if the status expires (applies only to user-invoked requests), or if an administrator manually deletes the reset request. In the case where an administrator forced a password reset and you see a “lock” icon, a user is unable to log into the portal with his or her old password. In the case of a user-requested password reset, the user can still use the old password until the reset is complete.