Product Features and Updates – 10/02/2017

This Product Features and Updates announcement for GPS Insight Pro and Enterprise includes updates for Reports, Administrative Features, and Dashboard/Maps.


Fuel Usage Detail and Fuel Usage Summary – New Optional Field

The option to include attribute(s) is now available for Fuel Usage Detail and Fuel Usage Summary reports.

Administrative Features

Service Reminder Import

The Service Reminder Import now supports Interval Days (as shown in Example #1 in the Portal).

Import/Export spreadsheets are located under Account > Manage Vehicles > Update/Export items using a spreadsheet

See Adding a Service Reminder and How Do I Import or Export Data? for step-by-step instructions and additional information.

Customer Site List – Shared Link/HTML

A KML flat file is now provided as a link in the Customer Site page of the Portal for external integrations.

Customers who have the ArcGIS integration will be able to set their own refresh interval (Can be set to as little as 1 minute).

See Customer Sites for additional information concerning this API functionality.

Manage Active User Session

The following feature is only available to Admin users with User Admin permission enabled.

You can now view the users currently logged in to the Portal, which device/location they are logged in from and how long they have been logged in (Log in Date/Time) from the Manage Active User Session page. In addition, a Force Logout option () is available.


Map Dashboard – Closest to Update

You can now filter the Closest to feature by hierarchy on the Map Dashboard.