Product Features and Updates – 07/2019

This Product Features and Updates announcement for GPS Insight Standard, Pro and Enterprise includes updates for Administrative, Reports, Mobile and Bug Fixes.


Vehicle/Asset Registration – Vehicle Recall Check Added

When registering a new vehicle or asset on the Manage Vehicles and Groups page in the Portal (Account > Manage Vehicles > Open), the system will check the NHSTA database for current vehicle recalls based on the VIN entered and provide you with a link to review recalls (if applicable).

See Adding a Vehicle for additional information.

New Map – Admin-User Preferences Page Available

A User Preferences page is now available. This page allows you to set your Dashboard preferences for measurement unit, time zone, default account landing page, and side-bar theme (dark or light). Additionally, you can logout from this page.

To view the User Preferences page, simply click User Preferences under ADMIN on the Navigation pane.

For additional information, see New Homepage and Map.

Any preferences set in the User Preferences page will override preferences set in the Classic User Preferences tab.

New Map – Address for Dropped Pin Provided

When you drop a pin on the new Map page of the Portal, the location address is now displayed (instead of the previously provided lat/lon coordinates) on the Dropped Pin Card.

See Using the Dropped Pin Card for additional information.

New Map – Vehicles with an Unreliable Location Status

Vehicles with an “Unavailable due to unreliable data” status are now not displayed on the map and will appear in a list of unavailable vehicles. To see the list of vehicles with unreliable location data, simply hover your mouse over the Unavailable button (located next to the Map Panel). This list provides hyperlinks for each unavailable vehicle for you to click on and see the vehicle’s corresponding Vehicle Card.

This improves the display and accuracy of the map. Previously, vehicles with an unreliable location status would appear on the map in the ocean or other unexpected locations.

Please see About the Map – New for additional information.

New Map – Send Dispatch Feature Removed (Temporary)

We have removed the Send Dispatch feature temporarily due to bugs. Once the feature is working to GPS Insight standards, it will be added back in to the new Map page.

Homepage – Tiles

The Homepage now displays the most recent/relevant tiles and automatically removes outdated/irrelevant tiles to keep total tile count displayed at nine tiles.


Landmark Log Report – Vehicle Status Unclear Indicator Added

A new indicator has been added to this report to signify that vehicle status data included in the report is unclear. This can denote that the vehicle is out of range or that data points may still be processing. If it is the latter, the data may update in a report that is run at a later time.

Performance Report – 3-day Stop Duration Option Added

A 3-day option has been added to the Stop Duration Option drop-down menu and can be applied to the report when selected.

Odometer Waypoints Report – Unknown User Designation Added

For odometer waypoints submitted approx. 2017 or before, if a user submitted an odometer waypoint without a logged username, the “Last Change By” column would be blank. This situation is now denoted by an “Unknown” column entry.


GPS Insight Manager App Trip History – Date Picker

The Date Picker is a new calendar feature within the trip history window, that allows you to scroll through the last 6-months to view trip history for specific dates.

For more information on how to use the Date Picker, see our Vehicle Card articles for Android and iOS.

Bug Fixes

Portal – Resolved Issues and Bugs

The following issues and/or bugs have been resolved this month:

  • Lifetime Runtime Discrepency Fixed: In an effort to increase lifetime runtime data included in reports across the solution, we have fixed a discrepency that affected data for any vehicle running through midnight (from one day into the next day).
  • Dashlets Not Loading: Dashlets are not loading in Internet Explorer, version 11 (IE11).
  • New Map – Crash Following Landmark Creation (Pro and Enterprise Only): The system crashes after a user attempts to create a landmark on the new Map.
  • Whitelabel Not Appearing – Homepage (Pro and Enterprise Only): Customers using Whitelabel feature are not seeing their own company name/logo.
  • Tooltip Hover Malfunction – New Map (Pro and Enterprise Only): Cluster tooltip does not automatically disappear after removing mouse from hovering over cluster for users on IE11, Firefox, and Chrome.
  • Dropped Pin Not Displaying – New Map (Pro and Enterprise Only): Dropped pin does not display after dropped for users on IE10.
  • New State Mileage Report – Incorrect Mexican State Names (Pro and Enterprise Only): The New State Mileage report is showing some Canadian province names in place of the correct Mexican state names.
  • New State Mileage Report – Incorrect Description (Pro and Enterprise Only): There’s a new description for the scheduled New State Mileage report, but the old State Mileage report description seems like it’s still appropriate to use instead within the Portal.
  • Fuel Usage (Detail and Summary) and Fuel Card (Transaction and Usage) Reports Empty: Fuel Usage (Detail and Summary) and Fuel Card (Transaction and Usage) reports appear to be empty when run on the ‘All Vehicles for [username]’ vehicle group that’s available when logged into accounts ‘as admin’. These vehicle groups are supposed to include all vehicle groups that the user has access to, and they seem to work well for other reports, but when they’re used to run Fuel reports the reports have no data.
  • Service Reminders Report – Driver Value: Values under Driver column of Service Reminders Report are blank when value should show as “Assigned” or with name of driver, depending on permissions.
  • Activity Detail Report – Diagnostics Odometer Column Values: When running an Activity Detail Report, the value in the odometer column occasionally jumps and then falls back, but the distance traveled value doesn’t properly compensate, resulting in an invalid distance travelled value for the day, and thus an invalid distance travelled value for the State Mileage Report.
  • Reporting with Hierarchies (Enterprise Only): User is unable to run reports on higher level Driver Hierarchies, only have the ability to run the report on lowest level.
  • Vehicle Group Attributes API: The Vehicle Group Get Attributes endpoint is not returning a value field.
  • Diagnostic Odometer Discrepency: Reports showing a different odometer value than the diagnostic odometer provided by the device.
  • Vehicle Recall Report – Date Selector Calendar Unavailable: Report options do not include a date selector calendar.
  • Stop Detail and Idle Time Report – Efficiency values: Some efficiency values being added to Stop Detail and Idle Time reports are extremely high, apparently because the time and distance of optimized trips are too low.
  • Fuel Card Usage (Fuel Integration only) Report – Units Missing from Export: Units missing from the Idle Fuel column of the Fuel Card Usage report’s export.
  • New State Mileage Report – Fuel Used in IL: The New State Mileage Report is showing excessive fuel usage for any vehicle traveling in the state of Illinois.
  • Vehicles with Unavailable Status – New Map: Vehicles with an “Unavailable due to unreliable data” status are still showing up on map.
Mobile – Resolved Issues and Bugs

The following issues and/or bugs have been resolved this month:

  • Manager App: Sizing issues caused data to cut off at the bottom of application.
  • Manager App: Large scale vehicles were not initally loading.