Product Features and Updates – 04/2019

This Product Features and Updates announcement for GPS Insight Standard, Pro and Enterprise includes updates for Mobile.

GPS Insight Manager App

For full details of the following updates, see: Using the Vehicle Card (iOS) and Using the Vehicle Card (Android).

New Safety Scorecard

Safety Scorecards are only available for vehicles equipped for PNP devices.

The Safety Scorecard has been introduced in the Manager App for iOS and Android. This scorecard is a color-coded record based on vehicle violations for the last seven available days of active driving history (not counting the day of). The color-coding schema is as follows:

Green: 70+
Yellow: 60-69
Red: 59 and below

The formula used for the score is proprietary and cannot be shared.

Data Graph

The data graph provides a visual representation of scorecard scores over the time range selected. This graph allows you to tap on a point in the graph to see data associated with the point selected. A crosshair appears and the data corresponding to the selected point is provided.

If there are gaps of data, the gaps are omitted from the graph.


Violations count values are available for Acceleration, Braking, Left Cornering, Right Cornering, and Speeding. The values are a count of recorded violations over the time range selected. The values are color-coded in green, yellow, and red to indicate the number of violations per 100 miles. This means that Green indicates the number of violation events are not significant; whereas, red indicates a significant number of violation events.

Trip History Detail Improved

The Trip History Detail update provides insight into a vehicle’s individual trip activity (ignition on to ignition off), idle events during each trip, and stop duration between trips. A full summary of trips per day is also provided, including:

  • Total number of trips
  • Miles
  • Minutes

The updated trip cards display a map snapshot of vehicle activity per trip represented in a single trail, total miles and minutes, and times/locations corresponding to the start (ignition on), idle, and stop (ignition off) events of each trip.

  • Android

  • iOS

If the location is known, the address renders in the Trip Card. If unknown, then latitude and longitude coordinates are provided.

Overnight Trips

For trips occurring past midnight, the associated trip card is included on both days. For example, if a trip begins at 10:50pm on Monday and ends at 3:05am on Tuesday, the trip card reflecting this trip is included under Monday’s and Tuesday’s trips.