Product Features and Updates – 2/29/2016

This Product Features and Updates announcement for GPS Insight Pro/Enterprise includes additions to the dashboard, reports, alerts, and administrative functions.

Dashboard Updates

Utilization Rollup Dashlet | Vehicle Selector Dashlet – New Options

You can add custom metrics to the Utilization Rollup and Vehicle Selector dashlets:

Metrics rely on daily summarization data per vehicle per day; however, this dashlet allows you to change the display to Daily, Weekly, or Monthly:

This dashlet shows daily summarization data per vehicle per day only:

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report – New Dashlet

A new Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) Dashlet is available for customers with Hours of Service (HOS) enabled. This dashlet shows recent Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports that have been completed for HOS functionality.

Hours of Service Availability – New Dashlet

A new Hourse of Service Availability Dashlet is available for customers with Hours of Service (HOS) enabled. This dashlet shows all vehicles and drivers (if assigned) that are configured for Hours of Service. The Reference ID of the driver’s profile must match the driver’s HOS ID. Timezone is used to accurately timestamp alerts received by the driver. The dashlet shows current duty status and driving time left. Sort by Now, Day, or Week. Clicking the location brings up the location on a related map dashlet (if available). Columns are sortable. Warning times are highlighted in yellow. Critical times are highlighted in red.

Map Updates

Map Dashboard – New Options

The Map Dashboard now incorporates History playback. Click the vehicle of interest, and click History within the vehicle card. Choose a date range from the calendar icon. Hover over a stop cluster for an information pop-up.

Additionally, the Landmark Toggle defaults to Off, and all landmark labels will be grayed out. Click an individual landmark to turn it on with the Show hyperlink or the Individual Toggle icon.

The reason landmark label(s) are grayed out (even when the master landmark toggle is on) will be in red text inside the respective information tabs. You can still turn on 10K feet landmarks with the individual toggle icon.

Report Updates

Stop Notes Report – New Options

Hours of Service (HOS) customers can now see notes from the ELD tablet integrated on the Stop Notes Report. The integration is specific to Inspections and ELD Remarks.

Fleet Hierarchy Rollup Report – New Options

You can add Custom Vehicle Metrics columns to the Hierarchy Rollup Report. (Enterprise only.)

Idle Time Summary Report – New Options

The Idle Time Summary Report now has a field to enter a Fuel Unit Cost. This will, in turn, reflect on the Total Fuel Cost in the Summary Overview header.

Alert Updates

Fleet Hierarchy Rollup Report – New Options

Web-hook based alerts, as they pertain to hierarchies, can now employ an Email (and/or SMS) Override List. By default, when a hierarchy node is selected in the vehicle drop-down list, the user must select an pre-defined attribute based email distribution list. This option, however, will nullify the escalation feature of a hierarchy based alert.

Administrative Updates

Vehicle Management – New Options

Pending deactivated vehicles on the Manage Vehicles and Groups page will now show in red. They will not show up when the Deactivated filter box is checked. There are some new icons for hidden vehicles, re-registration, and report inclusion.

Attribute Management – New Sort Options

Columns on the Manage Attributes page can now be viewed alphabetically by hierarchy node or in their designed hierarchical node order.

Spreadsheet Update/Import – New Options

You can now Create Service Logs and Service Reminders via Spreadsheet Update page. Companies who are new to GPS Insight may want to back fill their logs.

You can also export Service History Logs from within the Edit pane of individual vehicles.