Product Features and Updates – 1/09/2017

This Product Features and Updates announcement for GPS Insight Pro/Enterprise includes updates for Administration Functions.

Administration Functions

Metrics Reporting – Group Total Shown in Average or Summary

The Group Total label in Metrics Reports now reflects either the Average or Summary based on your selection in Report Options ().

System Metrics – Input Summarization

The summarization data for some device-based events are now automatically available to you as a system metric. System metrics are not customizable, but you can report on them using Metrics Reports and dashlets.

Device Type Description Metric(s)
Custom Device Inputs Devices that have been configured to use custom inputs (e.g., snow plow up/down, seatbelt on/off, etc.) Two metrics per input:
•Count of event
•On duration of event
PNP-3000 Devices that have the optional buzzer feature for in-cab alerts. •Hard Braking Count
•Hard Left Count
•Hard Right Count
•Idling Count
•Rapid Acceleration Count
•Speeding Count