The installation kit contains a registration card, ST-1100N, four well nuts, and four socket cap screws.

Additional tools and supplies you may/will need include a center punch, fine point marker, cordless drill, 5/16 in. (8mm) drill bit, 7/64 in. hex key, and ladder.

Installation Overview

The following steps provide an overview of the installation process:

  1. Install preparation.
  2. Mounting.
  3. Registration.

Installation Steps

  1. 1. Install preparation.

    1. Complete the registration card by locating the eight-digit serial number on bottom of device and copying the last seven digits onto the card.
    2. Identify an area that is horizontal to the ground, has an unobstructed 180 degree view of the sky, is not a removable panel, and where the device will not be damaged during normal operation of the asset.
    3. Inspect the area directly underneath the mounting location to ensure nothing will be damaged when drilling.
    4. Do not remove or loosen the screw, simply remove the rubber magnet to turn the device On.

    Retain the rubber magnet for future use.

  2. 2. Mounting.

    1. Locate ST-1100N, center punch, four well nuts, four well nut screws, cordless drill, 5/16 in. (8 mm) drill bit, 7/64 in. hex key, and fine point marker.
      1. Position the device on the asset and center punch each mounting location.
      2. Set device aside, mark center punches with marker and drill the four holes.
      3. Insert the rubber well nut into each hole.
      4. Line up device over well nuts and screw the device to the asset.

    Do not overtighten socket cap screws; STOP when resistance is felt.

  3. 3. Registration.

    1. To activate and register your device, with your vehicle card in hand, use the GPS Insight Verification App (iOS | Android). If you have verification or registration questions, please call 866-477-4321, option 2.
    2. Once activated and registered, give your registration card to your GPS Administrator.

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