This device is only available for Basic customers.

The installation kit contains an installation guide, registration card, and the PNP-2000 device.

Additional tools and supplies you may/will need include a pen or pencil for recording vehicle information.

Installation Overview

  1. Install Preparation
  2. Installation
  3. Registration and Activation
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Steps

  1. 1. Installation Preparation.

    1. Complete the registration card by locating the serial number of the device (labeled “ESN”) and copying it onto the card.
    2. Park your vehicle in an open area with clear view of the sky, remove key from the ignition and leave the car door open.

  2. 2. Installation.

    1. Plug the device directly into the vehicle’s OBD-II port and wait two minutes before closing the door and proceeding to Step 3.

    If the lights on the device do not immediately turn on, refer to your owner’s manual and replace the vehicle’s Diagnostic Port fuse.

  3. 3. Registration and Activation.

    1. Log into your GPS Insight Portal account.
    2. Click “+Add Vehicle.”
    3. Enter the information from the registration card to activate the device.

    The vehicle may not appear on the map until the vehicle has been driven.

  4. 4. Frequently Asked Questions.

      Question Answer
      I registered my vehicle in the portal. Why am I not seeing it on my map? Your vehicle will not appear on the map until a trip has started.
      Why are lights flashing on the device? The device is trying to find a secure GPS or Cellular lock. Drive your vehicle around for at least five minutes in an area with good cellular coverage, and recheck the device once you’re done.
      I have been driving for more than five minutes. Why does my vehicle keep reporting in the same location? Turn your vehicle off and unplug the device for two minutes. Then plug it back in and wait for five minutes before taking it on another trip.
      Why am I not seeing any idle time or functions for this vehicle? The PNP-2000 device requires 13.1v to trigger idle. We recommend having your battery or alternator tested to ensure the device receives the proper operating voltage.

      For any additional questions or concerns, please use our chat support in the bottom right corner of the window!

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