Add-On: GPSI-3900/4000 Garmin Traffic Cable

If adding to an existing installation, please contact Technical Support to ensure the feature is enabled.

The installation kit contains the Garmin traffic cable, two 8 in. (3 cm) cable ties, ring terminal, star washer, and self-tapping screw.

Additional tools you may need include a cordless drill, multimeter, Phillips bit, wire stripper, electrical tape, and insulated crimper.

Installation Steps

The following steps provide an overview of the installation process:

  1. Install preparation.
  2. Cable installation.
  3. Device connection.

  1. 1. Install preparation.

    1. Remove a-pillar plastic and dash panels.
    2. Using a digital multimeter, find an ignition circuit providing +12 VDC when the key is in the On position and +0 VDC when the key is in the Off position. Once located, remove keys from the ignition.
    3. Identify a suitable chassis ground location.

  2. 2. Cable installation.

    Locate Garmin traffic cable, wire stripper, ring terminal, star washer, ground screw, and cordless drill.

    1. Remove 1 in. (2.5 cm) of insulation from both the red and black wires of the Garmin traffic cable and twist the wire strands of each wire.
    2. Locate the wire identified in Installation preparation Step #1.2.
      1. Find a loose section of the wire and remove 1 in. (2.5 cm) of insulation and separate the wire strands using a non-conductive tool to create a loop.
      2. Insert the Garmin traffic cable red wire into the loop, squeeze the loop shut and twist the Garmin wire around the vehicle wire at least three times.
      3. Generously wrap the connection in electrical tape, crossing over the insulation on both sides, and place one (1) cable tie directly over the wire-to-wire connection.
      4. Create a stress loop ~1 in. (2.5 cm) away from the connection and secure with cable tie.
    3. Route the Garmin traffic cable black wire to the area of the chassis ground identified in Installation preparation #Step 1.3.
      1. Fold the wire strands in half.
      2. Insert the wire into the ring terminal and crimp the ring terminal to the black wire.
      3. Slip the star washer over the self-tapping screw first, then over the ring terminal.
      4. Screw the wire to the chassis after ensuring there is nothing behind the mounting location.
    4. Route USB end of the Garmin traffic cable through the dash and out the a-pillar area, leaving only enough cable to go from the windshield to the rear most section of the a-pillar base, before putting the a-pillar plastic back into place.

    To prevent damage from the USB connector falling in the door jam, run the Garmin traffic cable between the a-pillar plastic and windshield and do not exceed the a-pillar.

  3. 3. Device connection.

    1. Route AUX end of the cable to GPSI-3900/4000 mounting location, behind the dash cluster, and connect it to the AUX 2 port on the GPSI-3900/4000 device.

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