Add-On: GPSI-3900/4000 Garmin Cable

If adding to an existing installation, please contact Technical Support to ensure the feature is enabled.

The installation kit contains the Garmin cable and two 8 in. (3 cm) cable ties.

Installation Steps

The following steps provide an overview of the installation process:

  1. Install preparation.
  2. Cable installation.
  3. Device connection.

  1. 1. Install preparation.

    1. Remove a-pillar plastic and dash panels.

  2. 2. Cable installation.

    1. Route USB end of the Garmin cable through the dash and out the a-pillar area, leaving only enough cable to go from the windshield to the rear most section of the a-pillar base before putting the a-pillar plastic back into place.
    2. To prevent damage from the USB connector falling in the door jam, run the Garmin cable between the a-pillar plastic and windshield and do not exceed the a-pillar.

  3. 3. Device connection.

    1. Route AUX end of the cable to GPSI-3900/4000 mounting location, behind the dash cluster, and connect it to the AUX 2 port on the GPSI-3900/4000 device.

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