HOS Update & ELD Mobile – 11/8/2019

HOS Server Update – Version 9.1

New Features

The following new features are available with this HOS server update:

  • ELD Exempt:
    • Addition of an “ELD Exempt – Timesheet” driver type that allows an exempt driver to use the rest break button
    • Update driver details screen for options to choose one of many ELD exempt rulesets
    • Allow assignment of unidentified driver events to ELD Exempt drivers
    • Update ELD Exempt annotation field for clarity when setting up an ELD Exempt driver
    • Display ELD Exempt drivers on host driver logs, data file transfer, and unidentified driver resolution reports
  • Host Help:
    • Clarify host help for Locations to specify minimum radius
  • Auto-Applied Annotations:
    • Add organization configuration to allow a driver to add an automatic annotation when changing to ON or SB status on the mobile device.

      A mobile device software update may be required.

  • Driver Portal:
    • Enable web access (driver portal) for all drivers and remove option to disable access Driver Role Selection
    • Add organization configuration to enable driver role selection on mobile devices
  • HOS Reports:
    • Update availability report column headers for clarity and add reference to verify device connectivity
  • Off Duty Sign In:
    • Add organization configuration to allow a driver to sign in and change status to Off Duty on the mobile device
  • Yard Moves Threshold:
    • Add organization configuration for customizable Yard Moves speed threshold
Other Improvements

The following improvements accompany this update:

  • Prevent host users from editing vehicle Asset IDs on the host
  • Fix for IE and FF allowing a driver to be saved with no primary driver type selected