HOS Server Update – Version 7.12

This HOS Server Update announcement for GPS Insight includes updates for Oilfield Support and Regulations, DVIR, ELD – User Accounts, HOS Reports, and Host Help.

These updates will take place on Monday, March 11 from approximately 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm MST.
Be sure to read the “How This Update Impacts You” section of this article. A follow-up announcement will be sent, and applicable documentation will be updated and published once the software updates are live.

Server Updates

Oilfield Support and Regulations
The following HOS Support and Regulation rules will be added for US and Canada.

  • Add Off status (waiting at well site) for Canada Oilfield Drivers
  • Off status (waiting/sleeping at well site) for US Oilfield Drivers

This rule can only be used once the tablet is updated to the latest ELD version.

A “Certified By” section will be added to the DVIR to confirm a driver’s indication was approved.
For example, when a driver indicates a repair is not necessary, higher management will approve this in the “Certified By” section.

This information will be added to the Driver Guide.

ELD User Accounts
If a Driver ID was changed for compliance, the Host UI Associate can perform a one-time change to update the Driver ID. Once the update is complete, the driver can only use the new Driver ID, and an automated REMARK will be added to the drivers log regarding the change.

Only Driver ID’s with a minimum of 4 characters can be changed. If the Driver ID includes the Drivers License number, the field will be available to edit. If the driver’s full social security number was used, ISE will change the ID for the customers.

The following features have been added to the HOS Report:

  • Multi-Day View – in Driver Log
  • Retain and default to previously selected driver – when navigating through HOS Reports
  • Asset Group Filtering – when reviewing unidentified driver events
  • Select All – when reviewing unidentified driver events
  • Export of Violations Report
Host Help
New details have been added to Host Help regarding Driver Logs, and Malfunction and Data Diagnostics.

How This Update Impacts You

During this server upgrade all server-side data activity or requests will be unavailable. This includes the following:

HOS Tablet – ELD and AOBRD
  • New Driver logins will receive a “STOP” button while the ELD is requesting the Drivers Logs. Press the Stop button to continue with the sign in process.
  • There will be a second delay when requesting DVIR. Wait for the “STOP” button, press it, then continue to sign in. The ELD will then store and forward all new log data until the server is back online.
  • If the driver is switching vehicles during this time, or operating a vehicle they usually do not sign into, the hours available may not be current. Please ensure your drivers work within their current HOS Availability limits.
  • Editing log data on the server will be unavailable until the server is back online.
  • Any log data that is created while the server is offline will be queued in the ELD until the server becomes available.
  • If a driver is unable to sign in, they can use paper logs until the server is back online. This should be a last resort. The driver should make every attempt to sign in before using this option.
HOST Server
There will be no access to the HOS Portal, this includes the Driver Portal, while the server is offline. All logged in users will be logged out, and any unsaved changes will need to be redone once the server is back online.

Avoid making log edits and changes prior to the scheduled downtime.

Portal HOS Data
All HOS data in the GPS Insight Portal will be delayed temporarily until the server is back online.

  • The HOS Availability Dashlet will reflect the last events received, and countdown timers may not reflect real time. If you are concerned about the driver going over their hours, call them to confirm they have stopped, and ensure their ELD reflects correct times.
  • HOS Alerts will not be sent during this time. We will only have the last current duty status to calculate availability. For example, if a driver is driving and only has 40 minutes remaining on the clock, but your alert is set for 30 minutes, you will not receive the alert from our system until the server is back online.
  • DVIR (with Defects) alerts will not be received from any drivers while the server is offline.
  • HOS Unassigned Driver Alerts will not be received while the server is offline. These alerts may be triggered falsely while offline, however, once the server is back online we will properly add the driver to the vehicle at the time they signed in.