HOS Server Update – Version 10.2

This announcement for GPS Insight includes updates for HOS server software (Version 10.2)

HOS Server Update – Version 10.2

New Features

The following new features are available with this HOS server update:

HOS Data:

  • Mark previous event(s) as Inactive – Changed instead of overwriting when a driver changes status multiple times in the same minute.

HOS Regulation Support:

  • Host support for Canada N of 60N Cycle 1 driver type.
  • Host support for California 8-day agriculture driver type.


  • Allow Excel export of Log Edit Report
  • Allow Excel export of Uncertified Logs Report
  • Allow Excel export of Conflicts Report
  • Allow Excel export of the Unidentified Driver Report
  • Allow Excel export of Exception Report
  • Update Driver import for ELD compliance
  • Update Home Terminal import to support new time zones
  • Update Locations import to allow column headers and improve error reporting
  • Remove option to import devices
  • Prevent import from adding multiple home terminals with the same name

Log Edit Report:

  • Re-implement the Log Edit Report for ELD

Yard Moves Mode:

  • Increase yard radius limit to 10mi (FMCSA clarification)
  • Limit the host to only send up to 5000 yards to a mobile device
Other Improvements

The following improvements accompany this update:

  • Fix for a bug preventing a user from having their DVIR access restricted by Service Location.