GPS Insight Rebrand

As some of you may have noticed, GPS Insight is sporting a new logo! We’ve decided to rebrand our company to ensure it aligns with our goals and customers.

Our Mission

Our new brand mission is to “Deliver innovative solutions and actionable insights.” Delivering innovative solutions means bringing creativity to each challenge we take on, while focusing on the result it will provide to you, our customers. It also means always thinking about how to simplify your user experience and connect you to technology partners that provide impactful and unique benefits.

Lastly, we concentrate on insights to allow you to focus on meaningful points that affect how you manage your fleet, rather than being bogged down by too much data.

I think our CEO, Gary Fitzgerald, summed this up very well when he said:

“Building innovative solutions to help our customers meet their business objectives defines our purpose as an organization. This is about more than just a cosmetic change; we want to signal to our customers that we are driving our business and the industry forward. We believe this new look and message represents GPS Insight’s strategic vision and creative approach, both of which produce better products and experiences and drive organizational success.”

Product Changes

In addition to our rebrand, we also have launched some exciting product changes, including a new homepage and map interface! Don’t worry – if you are not ready to use the new features, you can still access the current interface.

We are committed to the success of our customers and will continue to deliver on this promise. We are determined to deliver solutions that are more responsive and built to address your needs for today and the future. This journey will be rooted in consistent improvements with the purpose of providing more tools and better insights, so that you may better manage your fleet.

Our overarching goal is to work more closely with our customers and deliver a world-class customer experience. Today, I am extremely happy and proud to announce a few new facets of the GPS Insight product family that will deliver on these commitments to you and your organizations!

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

Shay Demmons
VP of Product