ELD Focus Release Notes 8/16/2021

The following release notes are for ELD Focus users and will be live tomorrow evening (8/17).

ELD Focus Updates

  • Canadian ELD Data:
    – Add ELD ID, ELD Provider, ELD Certification, and ELD Authentication fields to Canada format logs (UI and PDF)
    – Add section for Unidentified Driver profile to Canadian driver log PDF printout
    – Add signature line to Canadian format log PDF
    – Display “Distance Today” per vehicle in Canada format driver log Resources, add row for total
    – Display “Distance Today” per vehicle on Canada driver log PDF
    – Display “M” “X” or “E” for coordinates when events are recorded without valid GPS (M – manually entered, X – missing location, E – missing location and in positioning compliance malfunction)
    – Display code and description for Event, Status, and Origin of log events (i.e. “1 – Active”)
    – Display Cycle for Canadian drivers on Driver Log UI and PDF
    – Display distance since last valid coordinates on-duty status changes and intermediate logs
    – Display start and end odometer for each vehicle in driver log resources (UI and PDF) in Canada format
    – Do not display geolocation data for M&D and login/logout events (Canada and US format logs)
    – Prompt and notify the driver when records are saved with data elements missing
    – Prompt driver for entry of missing location (if needed) when accepting unidentified driver events
    – Rearrange and organize layout of fields in Driver Log header section
    – Reformat driver log PDF in Canada format for Canadian ELD compliance
    – Support HH:MM time zone offset for Canada format logs
    – Update certification prompt in Canada format to say “day” instead of “24-hour period”
    – Update geolocation string for Canada format log events for compliance (ex. 2 km ESE Toronto ON)
    – Update print/display date on Canada driver log PDF: time in 24 hour format (HH:MM:SS) and date in MM/DD/YY format
  • Canadian HOS:
    – Update Cycle Off Duty Periods calculation to hourly instead of midnight-midnight
  • Canadian Well Service:
    – For Canadian Well Service drivers, display “Well Service” as the Cycle on host driver log UI and PDF
  • Driver Log Details:
    – Display last known active data diagnostics, malfunctions, and unidentified driver diagnostic status on driver log header (UI and PDF)
    – Display on driver log: last known current total distance (odometer), last known current engine hours, and last known current location (including coordinates)
    – Display total “Distance Today” value even if the total for one or more individual vehicles on the log day cannot be calculated
    – Reformat host driver log headers; separate into sections for Date & Time, Driver Info, Carrier Info, ELD Info, and Daily Summary Data
    – Update ELD Info section of driver log: ELD Provider (US & Canada) ELD ID (US & Canada), ELD Authentication (Canada only). Registration ID (US only)/ELD Certification (Canada only)
  • Driver Set Up:
    – Require driver license uniqueness regardless of issuing state
    – Update Driver Details page to show a list of available driver types and HOS limits
  • ELD Exempt:
    – Track and display ELD Exempt driver status for prior log days
  • HOS Reports:
    – Force selection of either US or Canada format on Print-Multiple Logs page (remove Driver Default option)
    – Nest details of Driver Logs “Show HOS Violations” option under the duty status
    – Replace Driver Logs drop-down driver list with ajax based control to allow searching based on driver ID, first name or last name
    – Update host reports and driver log PDF to display “CMV Power Unit Number” instead of “Vehicle ID”
  • Host Help Pages:
    – Add help page for “Create Other Event” page (not applicable until Canadian ELD enabled)
    – Update Driver Logs help pages with Canadian ELD-related changes
    – Update help documentation Hours of Service FAQ page with Canadian ELD changes
    – Update help documentation regarding new “missing fields” prompt, abbreviation of NF vs. NL, and new driver’s license uniqueness requirements
    – Update Print-Multiple Logs help page for consistency
  • Newfoundland Support:
    – Round Newfoundland time zone up to whole number when viewing logs in US format
    – When events or addresses are recorded/entered in Newfoundland, display abbreviation as “NF” in US format and “NL” for Canadian format
  • Unidentified Driver Events:
    – Host support for allowing driver to “undo” UD acceptance from a different device; sync back to original device (requires 8.x+ mobile)
  • Web API:
    – Include ELD Exempt annotation prefix (ELD Exempt Applied/Cleared) with the Intermediate Log event when driver exempt status is changed
    – Update GetDriver SOAP/REST API calls to return Canada N of 60N Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 driver types correctly
  • Yard Moves Mode:
    – Update configurable YM speed threshold to a maximum of exactly 32km/h, display max as “20 mph (32 kph)”
Bug Fixes

  • Fix for certain SOAP calls failing but showing successful response
  • Fix for mobile-host sync resulting in a driving event being extended at the end of a driver’s shift
  • Fix for a bug causing UD events to occasionally be made inactive for both the driver and UD when a driver repeatedly accepts and rejects the same UD on the device