ELD Focus Release Notes 4/19/2021

The following release notes are for ELD Focus users.

ELD Focus Updates

  • AOBRD End-of-Life
    – Remove AOBRD settings on Organization Detail page: Vehicle in motion threshold, Vehicle stopped threshold, Automatic off duty, Personal conveyance
    – Remove Status Lock and Auto Off Duty reports
  • Device Management
    – Remove option to manually add devices on host “New” button on Devices page
  • Driver Log Editing
    – Display warning and do not allow an exception to be added if the time selected is outside a driver’s work shift window
  • HOS Regulations
    – Allow US 7- and 8-day passenger-carrying drivers to take CDL Short Haul exception, including auto-apply option
  • HOS Reports
    – Add “Today” button to Driver Log page to navigate to the current day when viewing a prior day’s log
    – Reformat host display of driver log event details with location and other details nested under event type
    – Remove Internal Audits section of HOS menu, move Exceptions Report into alphabetical order
    – Rename columns in driver log events list: Type/Status to Event, Vehicle ID to CMV Power Unit ID, Vehicle Miles to CMV Distance, Record Status to Status, Engine Hrs to Engine Hours
    – Update display format of driver log grid time labels to include minutes
    – Update Unidentified Driver Report export to concatenate multiple annotations into the Annotations column field
  • Host APIs
    – Fix for SOAP GetDrivers call not returning automatically- applied exception information when run for all drivers
    – Update Get Drivers SOAP and REST calls to return correct Canadian driver type for Canada North of 60N cycle 1, Canada North of 60N cycle 2 and Canada south of 60N well service
  • Host Help Pages
    – Add Help page for Carrier Detail
    – Add possible transfer results to Transfer ELD Data File – [Drivers/Vehicles] help pages
    – Update host help to reflect changes to driver log layout and content
  • Organization Creation
    – Fix for organization creation UI not saving when using Chrome version 86+
  • Root Support
    – Fix for root ELD Data File Report displaying submission type backward
  • Unidentified Driver Events
    – Add an “undo” button for unidentified driver events in the driver’s host log events list to allow a user to propose undoing a driver’s acceptance of an unidentified driver event (can only be accepted on driver portal or mobile 7.0+)
  • Yard Moves Mode
    – Increase limit of yards sent to a mobile device to 30,000
  • Log Events
    – Log Events now include Lat/Long information along with HEX ID.
Bug Fixes

  • Clear the HOS violation after the driver completes the second (longer) part of a split sleeper berth period
  • Fix Drivers list to allow sorting by Driver Type
  • Fix for a driving event being extended after being split at midnight
  • Fix for driver logs becoming uncertified due to engine hours rounding difference between host and mobile
  • Fix for driver logs becoming uncertified due to PC/YM Cleared events that remained open longer than expected
  • Fix for mobile-host sync resulting in a missing end odometer on the first drive of the shift
  • Fix for mobile-host sync resulting in a driving event being extended at the end of a driver’s shift
  • Fix for mobile-host sync resulting in a manual “engine off” driving event not being made Inactive when the driver later changed to on duty