ELD Focus Release 5/9/2022

This release notes announcement is for ELD Focus users.

Mobile App Updates

Co-Driver Functionality

  • When one co-driver signs out, require that a co-driver driver enter their password to switch to their profile

Driver Log Details

  • Record and display automatic “Day Starting Time” (Canada)or “24-Hour Starting Time” (US) event in driver log; displayed on host 11.5+

ELD Event Recording

  • Stop splitting non-driving duty statuses at midnight

Malfunctions & Data Diagnostics

  • Clear an unidentified driving records data diagnostic on the original device if the event(s) are accepted on another device or the host


  • Add space to text of DEVICEUNDOCKED and DEVICEDOCKED remarks
  • Update mobile prompts to display driver name instead of ID

Roadside Inspection

  • Persist Roadside Inspection display of full driver’s license number once unlocked until Roadside Inspection is closed

Yard Moves Mode

  • If configured for the organization on the host, disallow selection of Yard Moves status unless within a geofenced Yard location (or with no GPS)
  • Notify driver on login if carrier has enabled setting to restrict YM to within yard locations only

Please coordinate with our Support team to have your tablets updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Cancel and Remove buttons overlapping on phone Manage Shipments screen during login
  • Fix for driver overview button text being cut off on certain devices
  • Fix for DVIR inspection text being cut off on phones
  • Fix for mobile not receiving events added/edited on the host that start during the DST transition hour
  • Fix for provisioning information being cut off on phones
  • Fix for time selection dial being partially cut off on Pre- and Post-Shift screens