ELD Focus Release 11/09/2022

The following Release Notes announcement is for ELD Focus users.

Server Update 11.6

As of 11/9/2022, the host server for ELD Focus was updated, including the following feature updates and bug fixes:

  • Driver Log Certification:
    • No longer uncertify a log when Remarks or Exceptions are added/modified on a certified log; no longer uncertify following log days when Annotations are added on carryover events, only uncertify the start date of the carryover event
    • Update certification check between host and mobile to reduce instances of logs becoming uncertified due to unsynced data
  • Driver Log Editing:
    • Add “Remove All” button to remove all shipments at once when editing driver log resources
  • Driver Setup:
    • Remove Non-CDL Short Haul auto-apply exception option visible to US 7- and 8-day oilfield rule sets (UI change only; was not able to be used)
  • DVIR:
    • Update generation tool for DVIR PDF printout; results in minor layout/format changes
  • ELD Data File Transfer:
    • Include all Data Diagnostic events recorded to the Unidentified Driver in the data file
    • Fix for a corner case causing an event’s User Order Number to be zero
    • Do not include driver(s) as co-drivers in the ELD data file if they only have PC or YM events from the same vehicle on a given log day
    • For events with no CMV Power Unit Number, include “NO CMV” in the data file “CMV Power Unit Number” field
    • Sort events with the same start time by sequence ID in ELD data file
  • ELD Exempt:
    • Do not allow drivers to add or edit rule set change events during periods where they were operating as ELD Exempt
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Remove extra space between the “Maximum Speed” text and drop-down menu for the Yard Moves Threshold on Organization Detail (HOS tab)
  • Seconds Precision:
    • Fix for Hours and Miles Report under-reporting time in each duty status due to seconds rounding discrepancy
  • Unidentified Driver:
    • Allow drivers to “undo” acceptance of an unidentified driver event from the host driver portal
    • Allow filtering of unidentified driver events by “less than or equal to” or “greater than or equal to” a distance value
  • Driver Setup:
    • Fix for being unable to manually add drivers in DVIR-Only organizations