ELD Focus Release 1/8/2021

This release notes announcement is for ELD Focus users.

ELD Focus

ISE has released eFleetSuite mobile version 6.1. This is a patch build following the 6.0 release and includes the following changes:

  • Do not uncertify a prior day’s log during mobile log editing if the only change is to the end time of the carryover event
  • Fix for a crash when the availability details drawer was left open for an extended period
  • Fix for Android OS 4.2 devices failing back to unsecure comms, allow use of TLS 1.0/1.1 for these devices
  • Fix for devices displaying Unable to Reach Host after communication is restored following an unexpected network disconnect
  • Fix for only being able to select shipments via the checkbox
  • Fix for a crash scenario occurring when a driver tries to invalidate a short haul exception.