ELD Focus Mobile Release Notes 6/4/2021

The following release notes are for ELD Focus Mobile app users.

ELD Focus Mobile Updates

  • Canadian ELD Data
    – Accept and store CAN ELD Provider, CAN ELD Authentication, and CAN ELD Certification from VDS
    – Add fields to mobile log details for: Unidentified Driving Records (DD5 status), Active ELD Malfunctions, Active Data Diagnostics
    – Change recording order for PC + OFF and PC/YM Cleared + new duty status: OFF before PC and PC/YM Cleared before new duty status
    – Display Canadian ELD values on mobile System Details: CanELDAuthentication, CanELDCertificationID, CanELDProvider
    – Display Exempt Driver Status in mobile log details: ELD Exempt – “E-Exempt,” Non Exempt Driver – “0 – Non – Exempt”
    – Display mobile log details Record Date in MM/DD/YY format
    – Display Time Zone Offset from UTC in HH:MM format for Canada
    – Split display of Co-Driver Name and Co-Driver ID in mobile log details
    – Update order of items on mobile log detail screen to match Canadian ELD requirements
  • Canadian ELD Functionality
    – Add Data File Transfer button to driver overview and option to mobile DISPLAY_SCREEN API
    – Prevent ability to certify logs while in PC
    – Update maximum speed threshold to exactly 32 km/h (19.88 mph) for yard moves mode
  • Driver Log Certification
    – Fix for driver logs becoming uncertified due to a discrepancy in rounding elapsed engine hours
    – Fix for driver logs becoming uncertified due to PC/YM Cleared events carrying over to subsequent log days
    – Fix for driver logs becoming uncertified due to sorting of multiple annotations
  • ELD Event Recording
    – Record intermediate log to both primary and co-drivers’ logs 60 minutes after last status change or intermediate log while the vehicle is in motion
  • HOS Regulations
    – Allow US 7- and 8-day passenger-carrying drivers to take CDL Short Haul exception, including auto-apply option
  • Miscellaneous
    – Change app logging level to debug after an application crash
  • Mobile APIs
    – Add HOSRULESET_CHANGED broadcast to notify integrated applications of the driver’s active rule set (driver type)
    – Broadcast DISPLAYED_DRIVER_CHANGED intent regardless of whether eFleetSuite is in the foreground or background
  • Mobile Communications
    – Fix for Android OS 4.2 devices failing back to unsecure comms, allow use by TLS 1.0/1.1 for these devices
    – Fix for devices displaying Unable to Reach Host after communication is restored following an unexpected network disconnect
  • Mobile Log Editing
    – Do not uncertify a prior day’s log during mobile log editing if the only change is to the end time of the carryover event
  • Unidentified Driver Events
    – Allow driver to acccept or reject a non-driver host user’s proposed “undo” for an unidentified driver event
  • Yard Moves Mode
    – Increase limit of yards sent to a mobile device to 30,000
Bug Fixes

  • Fix for a crash occurring when the Availability Details drawer was left open for an extended period of time
  • Fix for rest break not being ended appropriately if the driver is automatically changed to driving status