ELD Flex Update – June 2020

This Release Notes announcement is for ELD Flex users.

What’s New

Account Management

A new checkbox option for “Logbook” has been added to the Products and Services section of the Account Management > Add Account page within the portal.


Canadian Ferry has been added as an exception option within the portal.

FMCSA Data Transfer > CSV Output File

The following remarks are now hidden when the ‘Show All’ checkbox is unchecked:

  • Cleared Diagnostic/Malfunction
  • Authenticate/Unauthenticate
  • DVIR Not Performed/ DVIR Completed
  • Certified Log
  • VBUS Connect/Disconnect
  • Start of Day Odometer
  • Start/End Toll Road
  • Off Road/On Road
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the exported PDF of list of Accounts was incomplete.
  • Fixed an issue where the sync was failing upon logging into the app once the deleted visibility set was associated with the soft-deleted equipment.