ELD Connect with Focus Release Notes 10/04/2021

The following release notes are for ELD Focus users.

Key Notes

  1. In this update we’ve added greater visibility into when the tablet loses communication with the vehicle’s ECM. Users may notice an increase in the appearance of the ECM Disconnect warning icon in the top banner of the app, occurring primarily after ignition Off. Loss of ECM communication after ignition off is expected functionality since the vehicle’s diagnostics are no longer communicating with the device. If this icon appears any time during Ignition On then troubleshooting may be required.
  2. This update does include a known issue that is actively being addressed, to be resolved in future releases, but should have no impact on usability or compliance.
    • After an Automatic Driving event, when the car is parked and ignition off, and an Automatic On Duty (Not Driving) status is triggered (6-minute timer), an inaccurate Data Diagnostic Detected event occurs signaling loss of GPS (Data Diagnostic 3).
    • Users will see an alert icon in the top banner of their app when this occurs, and the alert will remain active until the next status change. Once a status change takes place, the Data Diagnostic is cleared.
ELD Focus Updates – Mobile

  • Co-Driver Functionality:
    – Allow driver to accept on mobile a proposed reassignment of driving time between co-drivers initiated by the non-driver host user
    – Allow driver to propose reassigning driving time to a co- driver if both drivers are no longer signed in to the device
    – Prompt for a password when switching between co-drivers
  • ELD Exempt:
    – Display “-” for Operating Zone for ELD Exempt drivers
    – Display “Request Logs” option for ELD Exempt driver
    – Notify drivers when their ruleset is changed to or from ELD Exempt
  • HOS Calculations:
    – Break out “Total Required” and “Remaining Required” time beneath Daily Off Duty in mobile HOS detail pane
  • Malfunctions & Data Diagnostics:
    – Clear DD3 (Missing Data) after driver’s manual location entry if location is the only data point missing
    – Handle clearing procedure for DD5 (UD) in both US and Canadian requirements independently
    – Only display 10 most recent (each) malfunctions and diagnostics on driver logs; give driver option to toggle to view all
    – Stop recording DD5 (UD) detected events when a driver signs in when a DD5 is active
  • Miscellaneous:
    – Allow driver to preview availability under any/all assigned rule sets during sign in
  • Mobile App Logging:
    – Change logging level back to INFO after successful application start (after automatic change to DEBUG following crash)
    – Record driver’s home terminal time zone offset at start of app log when driver is signed in
  • Mobile Log Editing:
    – Allow driver to edit trailers in Log Resources (does not affect currently-active trailers on device)
    – Allow driver to enter a new CMV Power Unit Number via mobile log editing and add that as an Asset on the host
  • Personal Conveyance:
    – Do not allow driver to end PC when ECM is disconnected
  • Unidentified Driver:
    – Add Grid view for Unidentified Driver in Roadside Inspection
    – Allow driver to reject UD event on device different than where UD was originally recorded; sync UD status back to host and original device as Active (needing assigned/accepted)
    – Change UD ON event to Inactive – Changed when the UD is accepted on mobile
    – Prompt driver to enter location separately for UD D and ON events
Bug Fixes

  • Fix for mobile-host sync resulting in a driving event being extended at the end of a driver’s shift
  • Fix for a bug causing UD events to occasionally be made inactive for both the driver and UD when a driver repeatedly accepts and rejects the same UD on the device