Driveri Release 10/14/2021

Here’s what’s new with Driveri!

What’s New

Support for Vehicles in Group
  • Driveri Portal now supports assigning vehicles to groups. The feature can be enabled by the users from the Provisioning & Configurations -> Configurations page under the Groups Settings.
  • These groups are not meant to match groups in the GPS Insight portal, and should be considered separate.
  • In order for the tenant to have access to them, a SuperUser must first enable the feature in the Configurations menu (Config > Groups > Edit).
  • This feature is available for Protection and Prevention users.
Additional Compound Alerts
  • Two additional compound alerts, Driver Distracted + Hard Brake and Following Distance + Hard Brake are now available. These can be found on the Compound Alerts tab on the Alerts page and the Driver profile page.
    • Driver Distracted + Hard Brake: When the driver was distracted for more than a few seconds (Talking on Phone, Looking at Phone, or Looking Down) and braked hard.
    • Following Distance + Hard Brake: When the driver did not maintain a safe distance with the next vehicle ahead and braked hard.
  • This feature is limited to Prevention users only.