Driveri Portal Updates – June 2020

The following updates are now available in the Driveri Portal.

What’s New

Alert Cards

Users can now see other driver-related information straight from the Alert Video Player. This new feature allows users to easily view the following driver information:

  • Greenzone Score trend as compared to the fleet trend
  • Compliance trends for stop signs, traffic lights, following distance, and speeding
  • Alert profile page to see alert information specific to that driver
  • Most recent Coaching Session, whether pending or completed
  • Most recent Virtual Coaching Session, if enabled

To open the new links, hover over the driver’s name. Each link opens the specific page in a new tab to help gain deeper insight into a driver’s performance.

Driver Group and Fleet Comparison Report(s)

The Group Comparison Report allows a user to compare Greenzone scores, as well as pertinent safety data such as completed coaching sessions, number of DriverStars, and number of Alerts for selected groups.

  • A user can select any or all groups when preparing the report and it also can be exported as a .csv file for further analysis.
  • This is available on the portal under the Driver Group Selector.

The Fleet Comparison Report is also available for customers with separate fleets in their organization. This report provides similar information as described above and is available in the portal under the fleet selector.