Editing Vehicle Details

The Manage Vehicles page provides a comprehensive view of the information for a specific vehicle and allows you to add and edit additional vehicle information beyond what you entered during the vehicle registration process. You can also update vehicle settings by way of spreadsheet import.

Filter the Vehicle List

If your vehicle list is long, you can use filter options to isolate a subset of vehicles.

To filter the vehicle list:

  1. From the  portal, hover over the Account menu, click Manage Vehicles, and click Open.

The Manage Vehicles and Groups page opens in a new browser tab.

  1. Choose from the following filter options:
    • Deactivated: Vehicles that have been marked as inactive.
    • Fuel Card: Vehicles that have a fuel card assigned.
    • Garmin: Vehicles that are equipped with a Garmin device.
    • Polygon: Paste the KML from Google Earth to isolate vehicles with locations inside of a particular geographic region.
    • Vehicle Group: Vehicles that belong to a particular vehicle group.
    • Search: Vehicles that match a description. Use * as a wild card before or after a string of characters.
    • Show All Select the check box to show all vehicle records on a single page (may take more time to load).
  2. Click Filter.

The vehicle list shows only the vehicles that match your filter criteria.

Edit Vehicle Details

The vehicle information reflects the values you entered during registration. Additional fields that were not available on the registration form include: Fuel Type, Fuel Capacity, and Hide Location.

To edit vehicle details:

  1. From the portal, hover over the Account menu, click Manage Vehicles, and click Open.

The Manage Vehicles and Groups page opens in a new browser tab.

You can also export vehicle information from the bottom of this page or update vehicle details in a batch process using spreadsheet import.

  1. Locate the vehicle you want to modify, and click Edit ()


    If you are making a change to the VIN or Vehicle Label, you can click on the vehicle label or VIN you would like to change from the Vehicle List then enter your change and click ok (You are not required to complete the following steps if you are changing the VIN or Vehicle Label this way).

The Edit Vehicle Details page appears.

If you want to quickly switch to another vehicle from this page, use the Vehicle drop-down.

  1. From the Edit Vehicle Details grid, add or edit information.
  2. When finished modifying vehicle details, click Submit Changes.


Editing a Vehicle Label with an Attached Logging Device

If you have provisioned a tablet in a vehicle and you make a change to the vehicle label by following the instructions provided above, you are required to reprovision the tablet. A warning icon (Vehicle List) or message (Edit Vehicle Details) as described below appears to notify you that the tablet must be reprovisioned.

Vehicle List Warning:

  • From the Vehicle List, a red warning icon () appears in the Vehicle List window (next to the newly edited vehicle label) indicating that the tablet must be reprovisioned.
  • If the icon is grey, the tablet has been successfully provisioned.

Edit Vehicle Details Warning:

  • From the Edit Vehicle Details page, a warning message () appears in the Edit Vehicle Details window (next to ELD) once you have clicked Submit Changes and saved the edited vehicle label.