About Vehicles

All of your registered vehicles and/or assets are visible on maps and dashlets. Vehicles are color-coded according to their current status (i.e., moving, idling, stopped).


The thresholds shown in the legend are customizable. Click the User Preferences icon (01-0077) on the dashboard to set thresholds for Speed (mph), Idle Time (minutes) Stop Time (minutes), and Out of Range (minutes).
Icon shapes are also customizalbe. Instead of using a circle (img_567ac7b24afec), you can assign different icon shapes to different vehicles to get an immediate visual indicator for the vehicle type.


In dashlets and drop-downs, vehicles are listed alphabetically (by vehicle label). When you click on a vehicle from a list or from a map, the Vehicle Card appears, which shows you the duration of vehicle status, last reported time of ignition status, address and geocode of last reported location, and more.

The information on the Vehicle Card varies depending on the map type and the features available to your account.


The Vehicle Management page also allows you to register new devices, edit vehicle properties, assign vehicle groups, and more.

In order to manage vehicles, you must have the Vehicle Admin permission enabled in the User Access List.