What to Expect: Switching from ELD Focus to ELD Complete

If you are a customer transitioning from ELD Focus to ELD Complete, you may be wondering what to expect from this change. To help you be prepared, we have compiled the following differences between ELD Focus and ELD Complete.

What’s New

Feature/Functionality Description
Driver Errors Driver errors are now fixable with drive time editable to personal drive time
Multi-lingual Support Mobile and web app now support Spanish and French translation
Support 24/7 Spanish support is now available for all drivers
Tablet: Simplified UI Less buttons = streamlined usability
Pre/Post Trip Inspection Simplified functionality with matching data results in less confusion
Tablet Provisioning Provisioning of tablets is no longer required
Driver Certification Drivers can now certify more than 8 days of logs within the mobile app
Missing Odometer Issues ELD Complete resolves all previous missing odometer issues seen with ELD Focus
Vehicle ID Issues ELD Complete resolves all previous vehicle ID issues seen with ELD Focus
Alerts – ELD Malfunction Alerts are now supported
– Driving without engine data alerts are now supported
– Special Move alerts are now supported
– Rejected Carrier Edit alerts are now supported

What’s Different

Feature/Functionality Description
Unidentified Driving Alert The alert is no longer integrated with GPS Fleet Tracking landmarks, residing solely within the ELD Complete portal. Future development will look to see if geofenced filters can be applied.
DVIR Non-Compliance Alert This alert is now located within the ELD Complete Portal.

What’s No Longer Available

Feature/Functionality Description
GPS Fleet Tracking Portal Availability Dashlet Current dashlets do not support ELD Complete; support for this feature is planned for mid-2023.
Hours of Service Alert An alert to notify users that the service limit is near is not currently supported. Future development will look to see if this alert option can be applied.
Time to Complete DVIR Report This report detailing inspection times is not currently supported.
Driver Portal A useful driver portal is currently in development.
Exemption Report/App Capabilities A report to view exemption details is not currently supported.
Uncertified Logs The ability to search all vehicles for these events is currently not supported; support for this feature is scheduled for release in Q1 2023.
Vehicle Usage Search There is currently no option for searching to see which driver was driving which vehicle on a given day.
Hours and Miles Report This report detailing miles driven is not currently supported.
Print Multiple Logs Currently there is no option to print multiple logs for multiple drivers at one time.
Custom DVIR Customizable DVIRs are not currently supported; this feature is slated for release in Q1 2023.
Unidentified Driving Events – Ability to view unidentified driving events when location is not currently available
– Ability to assign multiple unidentified driving events is not currently available