Using Co-Drivers

Co-driving allows multiple drivers to sign into the device. You can sign in up to six drivers at the same time.

To add a co-driver:

  1. From the Driver Overview screen, tap +Driver ().

The Sign In screen appears.

  1. Enter the additional driver’s Driver ID and Password, and tap Sign In.
For ELD users: A secure default password is automatically generated when a driver is added to the HOS Portal. If you did not receive a password from your administrator, or you have not yet changed your password in the Driver Portal, contact your administrator.
For AOBRD users: If you did not receive a password from your administrator, tap Sign In without entering a password.
  1. Tap Status to set the additional driver’s status (See During Your Shift for a list of statuses and corresponding descriptions).

If the initial driver is signed in as ON Driver, the co-driver only has access to ON Not Driver and Sleeper Berth statuses.

The name of the additional driver(s) is shown on the Driver Overview screen.

  1. Tap a driver’s name to view the corresponding current status, driving time details, and Driver Overview screen for the selected driver.

The current driver must change his or her status to something other than ON Driver in order for any of the co-drivers to change their status to ON Driver.